FAQ -  for portrait sessions

Yes, once delivered, you have the rights to do whatever you would like with the photographs. I do, however, ask for credit by name for any businesses that use my work for any public or marketing purposes.


We always leave room in the schedule for rescheduled sessions. Colorado is VERY unpredictable (especially in spring and fall!)  We closely watch the weather and will reach out if we will a reschedule may happen. Feel free to always reach out to us if you are concerned. 

What is the weather is bad and we have an outdoor session?

If you didn't already find out from the website, we are sisters and we have been in business for 6 years!

How long have you been doing this?

We try to store files indefinitely, but do not guarantee the storage of images once the final gallery is delivered. We do ask that when you download your gallery, you back up your files. They will at minimum be stored on your online gallery for 3 months.

how long will you keep my files?

Within 2 weeks of your session date, your password protected online gallery will be delivered to your email for you to download your images.

How long after my session do i get my images?

Once you book with us, we will send you a style guide and help you with your clothing (if you would like!!) Main thing is too feel comfortable and like yourself :) 

what should i wear?

 Hard no. We pride ourselves on the hard work it takes to edit your images and we take the time to go through all the images of your session and only use the ones we feel are of the best quality!

Do you give us the Raw (unedited) images?

UM YES! (as long as they are well behaved and won't cause you stress!) We love ALL the family members to be part of your session. 

Can i bring pets to the session?

Reach out through our contact form and we will get back with you soon! 

How do i book a session?