Wild Bliss Photography opened in 2016 by sisters, Jessica & Candice.  They are a  dynamic team of experienced photographers specializing in family, wedding, and brand photography. With a passion for capturing genuine emotions and telling unique stories, they excel at freezing unforgettable moments in time. Whether it's the joy and laughter of a family gathering, the love and romance of a wedding, or the essence and personality of a brand, Wild Bliss Photography delivers exceptional images that truly captivate. 

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Jessica is one of the Wild Bliss Photography owners and a talented and versatile photographer with a passion for capturing life's beauty. With a keen eye for detail and a warm approach, she specializes in family, wedding, and brand photography. Jessica's photographs reflect genuine emotions and connections, preserving cherished memories. Her professionalism and ability to connect with clients ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. With her passion and skill, Jessica is a trusted choice for capturing life's most precious moments.
Jessica is also a mom of two boys, ages 7 and 8 :)

Candice is  also one of the owners and specializes in capturing beautiful moments for families, weddings, and brand photography. With a creative eye and genuine passion, she tells captivating stories through her lens. In addition to her artistic skills, Candice also handles the business side of things with professionalism and expertise. Her commitment to delivering exceptional results ensures that clients receive both stunning photographs and a seamless experience from start to finish.

Candice also has two boys who are 4 and 13!

Jen joined the Wild Bliss Team and has been a perfect fit to our photographer crew! Jen is a incredibly talented family & wedding photographer for Wild Bliss photography. She brings passion for capturing authentic and heartfelt moments. With a natural ability to connect with families and create a relaxed atmosphere.  Her warm and friendly approach, combined with her artistic vision, ensures that each session results in timeless and cherished memories.

Jen is a mom to three kiddos!

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We absolutely love shooting in natural light!  You'll hear us squeal when that perfect light pops through! We love those unposed, natural moments that will take you right back to how you felt in that moment.  We love to capture genuine emotion, big belly laughs, romantic snuggles and all the things in between. We are help to guide you and make your time with us as stress-free and fun as possible!  

What is your style of photography?

There is not any type of session we don't shoot! Let's chat and see if we are a good fit for what you are looking to capture! PS- we love a good challenge! 

what type of sessions do you shoot?

We LOVE when you make your session unique to your brand, your family,  loved one,  etc.  It really is a fun way to let your personalities show through.  Lets finish off that engagement shoot with champagne and cupcakes!  Do you and your family love tacos?! EAT TACOS!  The kids love bubbles, let's play.... wouldn't it be fun to capture them at this age exactly with them having fun?  :) 

bring the fun stuff!

Again, our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you! We will go through all the images from your session and fully hand-edit all the images we feel are up our standards of work! From there they are uploaded to a password protected gallery that you will download your images from. You can also use this link to share images with family and friends as well! You can print images through our online lab if you choose to do so. You will also get a print release so you can print where you would like. Either is fine... just promise us that you will print those images and put them up in your house to enjoy and have those memories that you can hold onto forever. :)

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